About FDS

Filipino Dragons (Singapore), more popularly known as FDS, is a competitive expat dragon boat team founded in 2008. The club is an affiliate of the Singapore Dragon Boat Association and registered under Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

Known to exhibit passion and aggression whilst having fun, FDS has been and remains to be a serious contender for both local and international races such as SAVA Sprints International, DBS Marina Regatta, Boracay International Dragonboat Festival, Singapore Dragon Boat Festival, and the Singapore River Regatta to name a few.

10 years and going strong. This year, FDS is celebrating 10 years of progress and camaraderie. The club is a constantly growing family of Filipinos and non-Filipinos, in varying fields of education and profession, the paddlers are the club’s greatest asset. For, where else can anyone find people who share the same dedication and spunk to always come together to train and race with one goal and one heart?

FDS, Laban!
FDS, Mabuhay!
FDS, Isang Dekada!