Filipino Dragons (Singapore)

The drum has been beaten. FDS will march into the neon drenched jungle and face the unfamiliar with usual intensity and persistence. Hong Kong, are you ready?!

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival 2017
Date:2–4 June 2017
Venue:Central Harbourfront

Race poster made with love by Charlon

#oneStrongerFDS #FDSLaban

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Filipino Dragons (Singapore) displayed a strong finish winning first (Gold!) in the Expat Community category at the recently concluded SAVA Sprints.

Here are the results of other categories won in the event.
Gold – Singapore Expat Community Mixed
Silver – Seniors Crew Open 12-Crew
4th – Seniors Crew Mixed 12-Crew

Filipino Dragons (Singapore) is participating in the 11th Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival this coming April 20 until 22 of 2017. Watch and cheer for FDS and other local and international teams compete in dragon boat racing at the beautiful island of Boracay, Philippines.

This year over 1,000 participants and total of 33 local and international teams will be competing in the beautiful waters of Boracay. There will be opening Ceremonies, awakening the dragon and a welcome party ( with cocktail) after the Parade of Teams on the 20th in the afternoon. On the following day, there will be taiko drumming and team flag raising ceremonies before commencing the very first race.

Day 1 (Friday) is for 500m race distance and Day 2 (Saturday) will be 250m sprints. Once again, FDS is able to form 1 Women’s – Standard Boat (our last was in 2010) and for the first time in FDS history, FDS is joining the Mixed Masters category. Expect back to back to back heats especially in the Grand Finals.

FDS is not just beach-body ready but most of all, Boracay dragon boat form, mind and body ready. Competitive mode and controlled aggression is turned on! Every FDS member cannot wait to feel the sun and sand, smell the sea, get a tan but most of all, battle out with some of the best dragon boat teams in the Philippines and around the world. The sun’s rage and impatient waves of Boracay do not deter FDS from conquering the island. The abundance of desire and inner strength flourishes and overflows in every FDS dragon boat paddler. No one hesitates. Everyone is ready to unleash!

FDS thanks our 11th Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival race sponsors – Blackwater and Eaglessight. Follow and tag them as #blackwaterph and #eaglessight.

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To try out the sport and participate in international races, you may contact us directly!

Video produced by George

FDS 2017 - Dragon boat Race March
Our first dragon boat race of the year is approaching soon. In an instant, the heat would be all over. What does it take to be the fastest? Credit goes to RightExposurePhotography. This poster would not have been conceived without this fantastic shot. #FDSLaban #oneStrongerFDS

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Venue: Sports Hub Water Sports Centre – [Stadium MRT-Circle Line]
Date : 11 March 2017
Time : 9.00am – 3.00pm

There will be a DB Hearts challenge and free water sports tryouts after the 100 metre race.

Congratulations and welcome to Filipino Dragons (Singapore)!

Ailyn, Emman, Gboy, Red, Jasper, Jeno, Ken, Niles, and Rex.

2016 Batch 1 Newbies

Blue, White, Red, Green, different colors, different shades, one heart, one team #FDSLaban

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Tanjong Beach Sentosa was the site of FDS’ 1st quarter barbecue for 2016. The theme was “Larong Pinoy” which involved four different teams (Blue, White, Red, and Green) competing with old school Filipino games.

A short awarding ceremony was also held to celebrate some of the team’s 1st quarter achievements.

"Catch the Dragon's Tail" #FDSLaban

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Congratulations Filipino Dragons (Singapore) at the 10th Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival. April 21-23, 2016. ONE heart, ONE team. Give it your BEST. Rise above those waves! FDS Mabuhay!

FDS on stage! #FDSLaban

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FDS Mabuhay! #FDSLaban

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Full results here:

🎖 2nd Place – International Mixed 500M Standard Boat
🎖 3rd Place – Mens Open 250M Standard Boat
🎖 3rd Place – International Mixed 250M Standard Boat
🎖 4th Place – Mens Open 500M Standard Boat
🎖 4th Place – International Mixed 250M Small Boat
🎖 4th Place – Mixed Open 250M Small Boat
🎖 4th Place – International Mixed 500M Small Boat

Starting the year with clean boats! Our equipment committee and volunteers from the team spent one day to give our boats a good wash. This included cleaning our vests and team lockers.

New Year, paddles up!

Filipino Dragons (Singapore) welcomed the early days of 2016 with a “Welcome Back to Paddling” event on Saturday, January 2. Attended by members and filling three boats full, the session included return-to-basic form trainings like pair by pair paddling and 500-M mock races to get the excitement started for the upcoming races this year.

After training, the team was received by the new Mancomm for 2016 led by President Francis Ponce, along with External Committee Rico Celis, Men’s Captain Eric Sto Domingo and Men’s Co-Captain Chris Dino, Women’s Captain Leslie Torre and Co-Captain Vach de Alban-King.


The respective group leaders also gave an overview of what’s in store for the next two quarters of the year: Khookie Gallardo’s overview of Membership Committee plans; Archie Fernandez of the Equipment Committee reminding everyone of the upcoming Quarter 1 General Cleaning; George of the Creative and Design Committee’s commitment to the upcoming singlets for the year, and Bads Ordenes of the Events Committee updating the group of the plans for 2016.

The rest of the afternoon was spent catching up with everyone as the team shared the snacks provided and swapped stories of their holidays.

Writer: JC Pagtakhan

Our team celebrated its year-end party at Blowfish Orchard. There was a dance competition between our newbie boys and girls. Paddlers also performed in a live band. Awards were given to the year’s best.