Welcome back to paddling!

New Year, paddles up!

Filipino Dragons (Singapore) welcomed the early days of 2016 with a “Welcome Back to Paddling” event on Saturday, January 2. Attended by members and filling three boats full, the session included return-to-basic form trainings like pair by pair paddling and 500-M mock races to get the excitement started for the upcoming races this year.

After training, the team was received by the new Mancomm for 2016 led by President Francis Ponce, along with External Committee Rico Celis, Men’s Captain Eric Sto Domingo and Men’s Co-Captain Chris Dino, Women’s Captain Leslie Torre and Co-Captain Vach de Alban-King.


The respective group leaders also gave an overview of what’s in store for the next two quarters of the year: Khookie Gallardo’s overview of Membership Committee plans; Archie Fernandez of the Equipment Committee reminding everyone of the upcoming Quarter 1 General Cleaning; George of the Creative and Design Committee’s commitment to the upcoming singlets for the year, and Bads Ordenes of the Events Committee updating the group of the plans for 2016.

The rest of the afternoon was spent catching up with everyone as the team shared the snacks provided and swapped stories of their holidays.

Writer: JC Pagtakhan

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